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Key Personnels

Victor Chan

CEO & Founder

Victor Chan Him Son is an esteemed figure in the civil and construction industry, boasting over three decades of comprehensive experience. He is the entrepreneurial force behind several successful businesses within the construction landscape, including NKH Construction, NKH Metal, Proceed Pte Ltd, and DOSK Contract Services. His impressive client portfolio includes heavyweights like Singapore Airport Group, HDB, Singapore Power, and Power Gas, amongst others.Victor's career began in Malaysia with a humble start in the construction and maintenance of a water treatment facility. Displaying remarkable talent and dedication, he rapidly ascended the corporate ladder to assume a directorial role in his late 20s. His professional journey then led him to Singapore, where he has since had an illustrious multi-decade career in construction and civil engineering.Victor holds a Diploma in Building Technology from the prestigious Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Further amplifying his credentials, he also possesses a Bachelor's degree in Quantity Surveying from Central Queensland University. His extensive knowledge, honed skills, and innovative spirit position him as a respected leader in the construction industry.



Deputy CEO

Dennis Chan, CAIA, has a background in the investment fund industry and infrastructural space. He holds an Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore and also holds the title of Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA). Dennis embarked on his career in the hedge fund sector as a buy side analyst, progressively developing a comprehensive understanding of investment strategies and business fundamentals. With a pragmatic and focused approach, Dennis contributes regularly to various financial platforms, including Seeking Alpha and Microcapclub, offering grounded insights into market trends and investment strategies. His perspectives are well-regarded, reflecting his practical experience and in-depth understanding of financial markets. Dennis' approach to his role is marked by his dedication to practical solutions, his vast network within the financial industry and his promotion of sustainable practices.


James Chow

General Manager

James Chow is a seasoned professional in Singapore's construction industry, demonstrating an impressive career trajectory that spans over a decade. Beginning his career in the sales and loans department of several banks, James found his true calling in the tangible, dynamic world of civil engineering. Displaying an innate ability to adapt and grow, he made a strategic career pivot twelve years ago and has been an influential figure in the field ever since. As a testament to his unwavering loyalty and commitment, James has been an integral part of DOSK for the entirety of his tenure in the construction industry. His profound dedication to the organization and its objectives, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of the industry, positions him as a reliable and steadfast figure within the team. His journey from banking to construction embodies his versatility and his passion for creating enduring, physical legacies.​


Woon Zhien

LEAD Project Manager

Woon Zhien is a PMP-certified Project Manager with extensive experience in Singapore's construction sector. He expertly leads both onsite and offsite teams, ensuring projects adhere to predefined budgets, schedules, and stringent health, safety, and environmental guidelines. His capabilities span project planning, equipment procurement, tendering, and risk assessment. Woon has a knack for cultivating client relationships, negotiating contracts, and addressing technical issues. He manages subcontractors for specialized tasks like soil investigation, and ensures compliance with local regulations. Notably, he's responsible for the geotechnical instrumentation planning for a significant project including a station, five entrances, and Singapore's first rectangle trenchless underpass. He facilitates regular meetings with all stakeholders, fostering transparency and accountability. Woon’s approach is a blend of technical proficiency, management acumen, and commitment to high safety and sustainability standards.



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Raymond Choong

Raymond Choong has an extensive strategic and hands-on financial and operational experience working with technology companies. He has been a director and advisor in several technologies startups and has in-depth knowledge in a broad range of technologies. His main interests are with mid to late-stage high-tech companies, as both an investor and mentor. Raymond had close to 30 years of experience in both finance and operations. Prior to this, he was with Ooredoo Group (OG), a Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) - linked company, and with Singapore Technologies Telemedia (STT), a Temaseklinked company. At OG, Raymond was a key member in the digital transformation at the group level and in implementation in a subsidiary. He was involved in driving the digital economy in the Middle East, China and Southeast Asian region via investments, partnerships and joint ventures, and initiating a technology accelerator programme and a venture capital fund with the Softbank group. While at STT, Raymond was responsible for aligning strategy and long-term planning across the group businesses, as well as managing the company’s cross-border investments and overseeing the strategic investments for the group. Raymond has been a mentor/advisor/panel member at various (accelerator/ innovation/ government agencies) programmes in Singapore and around the regions with leading multinational organisations, leading tertiary institutions, and VC Funds. Raymond was also on the panel of judges for the 2016-2022 Singapore Digital Techblazer Awards, 2019-2022 Singapore SLINGSHOT startup’s competition and various other competitions and hackathons around the regions.

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